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(Français) Coupe de France Poitiers: Bassevile, Porcher, Dumas le podium Dames

<! -: En -> 10 girls in the coupe de France, including 7 in the Ladies category with a magnificent battle for the podium! This is the reality of the French Women’s Trial assertive gradually. Manon Basseville mounted on the top step before Marion Porcher and Marie Dumas. The ladies race was hotly contested between Manon Basseville and Marion Porcher for the win. It’s finally Manon Basseville winning with 12 points against 16 for the Champion of France. The announced duel between the two has taken place in favor of the tenant’s Trials Club Frabregues. Behind the two best French trialists the fight for the podium has rarely been so intense. Marie Dumas is offered a place on the podium, but she ends with only two points ahead of Mailys Jouy and 3 of Pauline Bourgeais. This bodes well for the rest of the season, but also for the progress of French who will benefit from this healthy competition. Hopefully, they have the talent, they will take part in the international level very soon. Note also the presence of three young girls and the victory of Claire Lafforgue to Margaux Borrelly and Marie Radigue. Congratulations Miss. Superbase Superbase


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