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Jack Carthy listo para la temporada

Jack Carthy: Estoy listo para la temporada. Es possible verme en 20 en los campeonatos del mundo. Me gusta mucho el Crewkerz. Mi rivales son Gilles, Vincent y Kenny. Me gusta mucho la idea del live Streaming.

La entrevista completa en Ingles

- Jack, how was your winter and what do you think are your biggest improvements?
Jack Carthy:  It was really good, I pushed the limits all winter and my biggest improvements are my technical skills, I really worked hard on my precision but also on all power moves, I wanted to be quicker on the bike and I think the result is better than last year.
Some days I had 4 workouts, so I definitely trained enough.

- What did you think of the trainingcamp?
Jack Carthy:  The training camp was really good, it’s a good way to get ready for the season in sunny Spain, also great to hang out with friends and make fun.

- How do you like your Crewkerz?
Jack Carthy: The bike is perfect, the frame is incredibly stiff but still light, I  have also changed from a front freewheel setup to a Hope Pro Trials III hub in the rear and I like it a lot.

- Will you ride all World Cups this year and which one are you really looking forward to?
Jack Carthy: Yes I will be at every World Cup and I always look forward to Belgium because I won there last time but also Pra Loup is a round that suits my riding style a lot.

- We heard the rumour you’ll ride on 20, is that true?
Jack Carthy: I was thinking about riding at the 20” category at the Worlds but we will see how everything goes, I have no plans yet but I must say I like training with it.

- Who do you think will be your toughest opponents this year?
Jack Carthy: I think as usual, it will be Gilles, Vincent and Kenny, but you never know who progressed a lot over winter so we’ll see.

- We saw you cleaning some big lines in videos, what are your new hook and sidehop records?

Jack Carthy:  Well thank you, I’m happy because I worked hard on my power.
My best hook? I think it’s around 1.86, I don’t really check no more but my side hop is 1.55 good side and 1.44cm bad side.

- Last but not least, what are you expecting from your first World Cup next weekend?

Jack Carthy: I believe the sections will be all build in the city center so that’s good for me, I like that kind of riding and UCI will also take care of a live stream on TV, I really like the way our sport is progressing and of course I hope I will win.


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