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K-124 Days 30 y 31 de marzo en La Tour de Scay

Los K-124 Days 2013 se disputarán en La Tour de Scay, en el terreno de Verjoulot, del BTFC, los 30 y 31 de marzo de 2013. Como cada año los pilotos del equipo Koxx asistirán, incluyendo Gilles Coustellier, Vincent Hermance y Benito Ros. Mas Abel Mustieles y Hannes Herrmann!

Mayas were wrong, we’re still here in 2013, and we’re doing it again!!!

The sections will be available to all kind of levels, without penalizing the beginners!

Training sections will be accessible all along the weekend out of the competition.

All licensed riders from all the federations will be accepted, the non-licensed could present their selves at the welcome point to get a medical certificate to take part in the competition .

All along the weekend, hot meals on the spot (Breakfast, lunch and snacks)

Camping with : WC, hot shower, electricity, 5€ per people for the whole trip, opening from the thursday afternoon. Possibility to buy some bread on the spot with reservation.

Program :

- Friday 29th -19h00 : Pizza Party ( 8€/pizza )

- Saturday 30th -

08h00 : K-124 showroom opening / Practice on the sections outside of the competition

11h00 : Confirmation Registrations – Registrations on the spot (15 €)

14h00 : Competition start – Orange / Green / White (3 Laps of 6 Sections)

15h00 : Competition start – Elite (2 Laps of 6 Sections)

18h30 : Celebration – Orange / Green / White

19h30 : Pasta party on the spot! ( 10€/people )

- Sunday 31 -

08h00 : Registrations competition / K-124 showroom opening / Practice on the sections out of the competition

09h00 : Competition start – Blue (3 Laps of 6 Sections)

09h00 : Competition start – Red (3 Laps of 6 Sections)

14h00 : Final start – Elite / Super Elite (2 Laps of 6 Sections)

18h00 : Celebration – Blue / Red / Yellow

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