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Trialtech – New Team Riders and Updated Team Page

Trialtech are pleased to announce the addition of some new riders to their team for 2013. Kenny Belaey and Rick Koekoek, who will continue to use Trialtech parts at the highest level throughout the season as they compete in the UCI World Cups and World Championships, are joined on the Pro Team by Australia’s Janine Jungfels and Norwegian Viking Thomas Remvik Aasen, AKA TRA.

Also riding for Trialtech’s Dutch dealer Ricco bikes, Janine will be using a selection of the lightest Trialtech parts on her bikes and will be competing in all of the Australian national competitions, as well as the European Championships, several of the UCI World Cup rounds and the World Championships in South Africa. Having won two rounds of the UCI World Cup last year and kicked off the season in style, winning the Australian Nationals in Elite category, Janine stands a great chance of becoming World Champion in 2013!

TRA will also be running some of Trialtech’s lightest parts on his bike in 2013. In addition to his bustling show schedule and prolific video and photo output, he is hoping to compete in several of the UCI World Cup rounds. If the size and technical nature of his riding at the moment is anything to go by, he could be a force to be reckoned with in the Elite class!

The Amateur Team, which sees the return of Extreme Bike Sports riders Thomas and Matthias Mrohs and Dominik Oswald (who is one of Germany’s shining lights on the competition circuit), Matt Gilman (Blind Biketrials) and brakeless street genius Flipp, also welcomes Czech comp and street rider Vašek ‘Vasha’ Kolář. One of the most stylish and creative riders in the world, and a very talented competition rider to boot (he finished second overall in the BIU Elite World Championship in 2012), Vasha will continue to produce impressive and entertaining videos while also training hard to challenge the top riders in both the UCI World Cups and BIU World Championships in 2013, where he will be representing Trialtech and their Czech dealer, Dressler Shop.

With these exciting new additions to the team, Trialtech are expecting great things in 2013, both on the international competition circuit and on the streets.

Head over to the Trialtech website and check out the updated team page to see the new rider profiles as well as their photos and videos!



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