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Official Bunny hop Guinness World Record video made by Rick Koekoek in London

Aquí os traemos el vídeo oficial del Record Guinness realizado por Rick Koekoek en Londres. Fue con ocasión de un evento organizado por Andrei Burton Events donde Rick realizó su sueño, hacer como Benito… Hizo el salto únicamente 2 veces, un salto increíble que realizó con su bicicleta de competición. Veamos que nos ha dicho sobre este record.

TI: Why did Yo decide to do this Guinness record ?
Rick: Why I decided to do this record was because it was already a dream from me as I started riding UCI World Cup on my age of 16. In Graz (Austria) there was always in the night a show/side hop comp and i saw Benito jump 130cm high over a bar and I wanted that aswell.
So it happend to be that Andrei Burton Events was setting up a show at the Prudential Ride London. The idea from Andrei was to break some Guinness World Records. So together with Jack, Vincent, Abel and Andrei we did a nice show. We all tried to break some Official records and we did.
So My choice was really simpel the Bunny hop record of cours.

TI: Could you say to the fan what’s your feeling before tp do the jump?

Rick: I can tell you what my feeling was before the jump.. I had never made this high in training or any where close. I never ever jump over a bar on a hight of 143cm. My personal record on to a obstackel is was 153,5cm and over a bar only one time 142cm but this is already from 5 years ago and in a different moment off my life.

So what happend.. I saw Abel,Vincent and Jack all 3 do a record and I thought Im not going to be the person who is not going to break a record today. So Made my self really mad and went for it! And of cours after i made it, it was the best feeling you can have.

TI: The result was amazing. You really made it quickly ?

Rick: Like i said I had never made this hight in training before or any where. I never ever jump over a bar on a hight of 143cm. So I was not really sure about what was going to happen on that moment to be honest.
Like you can see in the video I dint make it the first try and you only have 3 time to try. So on the second jump I gave everything I had and jump.. I dont say it was easy but I jump far above the bar so it was perfect!

TI: Rick have You a spécial bike for the record or You do with your bike? With yours compétition bike?

Rick: It’sssss m’y Bikeeeee! Of course I build the frame by my self so its ”one of kind”. No I didn’t make anything special for this record. I just used the same bike like i use during the international comps. So its pure a technic you need to know like any other there is for Trials.

Thanks Franky!
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