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Open Free Concept and Enduro Trials competition by

Open Free and Enduro Trial, Malmedy, 2 august by Enter-Bike.

The rules we will use are based on the ‚OpenFree concept’ because we believe the OpenFree format has better potential to make our sport more accessible to more riders, so it’s important to have it tested as much as possible by as many athletes as possible. Once it’s tested, we could potentially convince the UCI to implement it to the rulebooks one day….

Open Free rules: “At Open-Free, every rider rides the same section from Promesse to Elite but the aim is to gather as much bonus points as possible, every obstacle has a different number of bonus points (the harder the obstacle the higher the score) SO YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN DIFFICULTY in the section AND CHOOSE YOUR OBSTACLES. If you make a 5 in the middle of a section for example YOU KEEP THE POINTS ALREADY GAINED It is not allowed to put SECURITY DABS and pull your bike up anymore but you can choose your own obstacles so if it’s too hard, just don’t try that obstacle Every rider starts his section with 10 Bonus points, every time you dab, it will reduce some of those bonus points until 0″

- The same day, it’s the first ever ‘Enduro Trials competition’ organised, fastest time wins, not important how many dabs or crashes, it’s forbidden to walk your bike and obliged to restart where you crashed or left the course.
Kenny Belaey “Compare it to the enduro Trials videos that Akrigg, Fontenoy and myself have released a couple of times before and which are pretty successful on Youtube and Vimeo, but in competition…”

So if you are a DH rider, an Enduro rider, a Trials rider or even a MotorTrial or Enduro rider… sign up now THIS IS SOMETHING FOR YOU!
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Kenny Belaey les ARCS 2011

La vidéo d’Aurélien Fontenoy
La vidéo de Kenny:

Kenny aux Arcs.

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