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Vidéo: Summertime Trials 2013

Jack Carthy Pra Loup 2013

Benito Ros, Jack Carthy, Giacomo Coustellier, Laszlo Hegedüs, Gilles Coustellier, Vincent Hermance, Abel Mustieles, Ion Areito, Théau Courtès Here is an edit I put together from my trip to France and Spain. Featuring clips from the recent UCI world cup in Pra Loup and training in the south of France. Music by Lana Del Rey. Enjoy! Featuring: Benito Ros Jack Carthy Giacomo Coustellier… Read More »

Giacomo Coustellier after Heubach: The worst race of my life

Giacomo Coustellier

For his return to the World Cup UCI Trials after months of revalidaton and preparations Coustellier was eager to rejoin the riders at the drivers on World Cup sections. But now, as for all those present Giacomo summarizes the final as follows: This is the worst race of my life … Here is his summary… Read More »