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81 riders at Buthiers, Hermance wins the Elite category

On Sunday January 27th there was the regional championship Biketrial in Buthier. A number of French elite riders as well as riders from Belgium went to the first competition of the year.

Last year it was the cold that disprupted the competition, this year the rain was the surprise invitee of the morning. Despite the rain 81 riders participated in the competition on the mythic rocs of Buthier having a lot of fun. A big number of riders, really appreciated by the members of the club  ESF Trial Buthiers, organiser of this competion on the rocks well known to the world for many years now. After 2 rounds of 6 sections, Vincent Hermance won the elite competition before Morgan Vassor and Théau Courtes.  Kevin Aglae, Alexis Figuiere and Nicolas Vuillermot complete the ranking for this nice competition of Buthiers.

Radigue Paul of Mans won the Espoirs category before VAZEILLE Amélie and PERRIOT Nathys.

in N4, the category with most riders, the victory was for JUMEAUX Armand from the club of Buthiers, before DEVIENNE Clément and PELLE Paulin. Armand wins with 1 penalty point difference after a hard fought race.

In N3 it is the rider from Angers BRISSET Paul that wins before the Belgian rider MATTART Antoine and BESNARD Antoine

In N2 LEONARD romain from Belgium that wins before JACQUET Clément and GAUDENS Nathan from club of Maule.

In N1 VALLEE Nicolas from Cerny wins after having ridden a great 2nd roudn with 5 points difference to GILLER Ludwig from Buthiers and CHRETIENNE Jeremy from BETTON. FERNANDEZ Alexis just drops of the podium with 2 points and DESBANC Louis with  4. This category had the closest racing of the day.

GUILLON Floriane wins in the girls category before BOUISSOU Solène and VEZIE Laurie. It has to be said that there were 4 girls at the start!

in the vétérans catergory VAZEILLE Philippe wins before GRELIER Donatien, DA SILVA José, BENOIST Benjamin and CHATELIER Jérôme

Vincent Hermance wins the competition in the Elite category with 10 points before Morgan Vassort with 21 and Théau Courtes with 21 points.

Tous les résultats de Buthiers.

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