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Abel the emotion of his last section in Geneva

The UCI Worldcup Final 2012 remained tremendously exciting till the last section. Three pilotes were still in the running for the overall title. Remember, the winner of the competitoin in Geneva was also going to win the overall title of the Worldcup in the 20″ category. The lucky rider of the day was Abel Mustieles who did not only win his second Worldcup of the season but also won his first overall victory in the UCI Worldcup. The icing on the cake of an exceptional season for Abel who also won the European championship earlier in the year.

Kevin show a selection of his pictures from Abel to relive all the emotion from the Spanish rider in his last section, the section with the logs and the Mini, a section he had to finish with no more than 1 penaly point.

A victory Abel shared with his friends Rafa, Cesar and Carles before giving his father a big hug, who had a very stressfull day at the final after the 5 penalty points from Abel in the first sectoin of the Superfinal.

Here are Kevin Chastel his pictures:

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