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Abel Mustieles launches his own brand: Clean

Following the announcement of the cancellation of his collaboration with Ozonys Abel Mustieles launched his own brand called CLEAN . He tells us about 2013 and on the progress of his great project .

Trial Inside : Hi Abel, about one month ago on March 5 Ozonys announced that you were no longer a rider and distributor of the brand. What happened?

Abel Mustieles : Hello Franky . The first thing I want to say is that it was not a hasty decision , but throughout the last year (2013) I felt clearly that the initial objectives with Ozonys would not be met. When I signed with Ozonys I did not know anything about this company, but after the year I lived it was clear that I could not waste any more time , let alone wasting the best years of my career for something that does not motivate and does not interest me at all.

My conditions with Ozonys have changed several times , and I could not no longer accept this . At the end of the year,  with the loss of support by WildWolf , I asked Bruno if he could give me a hand , to which he replied: “I hope you find sponsors external ” . So my job was to compete freely for Bruno, only receive premiums for winning races and for sale in Spain , a good deal right? Besides thanks to my shop and only thanks to that that I had at the equipment that I needed for my training and competition program . Otherwise I would have been impossible for me to compete at the highest level last season.

But the hardest during this period has been to have almost never items available from Ozonys , bike and all, and with it the sole benefit of the contribution of my work for the brand boils to almost nothing and it seemed increasingly difficult to obtain stock . In addition I was the face of Ozonys Spain. It’s not nice having to constantly explain to customers about a problem that is not your fault , without a solution.

IT : It seems odd to havesomeone talk about your future before you published a statement, as with Wild Wolf ! How did you experience this ?

AM: The only thing that took place was that I told Bruno that I could not continue like that, and it was very likely that I lost some sponsors , whichis why I asked him to me the help me to prepare for the World Cup because it does not seem very fair that I pay out of my pocket especially after all won in 2013 for his brand . And if Ozonys could not help me, that we had to find at least a reasonable and respectable exit for both of us. In the end we decided not to continue with Ozonyz he pubhlished the statement without notifying me , and he only  gives the part of the story that interests him, involving my sponsors while it is not really or little to do with him.

Obviously, Bruno will not announce all the reasons , it is clear that I was no longer motivated to continue with Ozonys , I do not want to continue with Ozonys and work like crazy for nothing …. it is not logical ! With Wild Wolf, I always had a very good relationship, but the company has some internal problems they will solve very soon. I know it depends on me for the future , they are very satisfied, I hope that everything will get in order fast and we will start working together again , there are many spectacular projects people do not know yet . I asked for my conditions to be  improved with Ozonys because everything came from my pocket but Bruno said no. It does not take long for me to decide to leave. Obviously, I do not need much money, I am aware that this is trials , but if I do not feel well treated , I do not want to feel like wasting my time . I really ended in a good way my collaboration with Bruno , I think I did my job the best way possible. Comments about my club and the federation have been understood by anyone.

IT : Now that you’re no longer with Ozonys , what are your plans and how will your future look like?

AM: This is a moment at home we have the idea that to solve all these problems would be to create my own brand of bike and components. This is something that I had to start sooner or later. We just did not had the time and nothing pushing us to go forward. We contacted the people we worked with before to see if the project was viable. Now that I ‘m free , we said OK to start the project with the people we selected. We will put ourselves fully to this project.

The brand will be sold through a distributor network in all countries , we have already contacted some, but we are waiting for the launch of our project to start working with our own network. Everything is ready, the website and online shop for distributors. We are really excited to start .

We also want to take the time to organize good trainings and vibes to promote the brand and enjoy trials .

 TI: It is a big project to launch your own brand. Where are you going to make the frame and components ?

AM : Some parts such as hydraulic brakes, pads and some CNC will be made in Spain , since the engineer who did the design and supervises manufacturing is Spanish . About this brake I can say this . I am very demanding on the brakes , and so far I ‘m happy with it. I used it on my bike throughout 2013 and part of 2014 during my training and competition in prototype form . The results are convincing and show its effectiveness since I have had no issues last year.

Now we have to go to from the proto to the  final version to start production , I retain the first models in aside because they are special, but they still work like new .

Other components will be designed in Spain by an engineer who has extensive experience in the trials and has an incredible talent, and already working on the design of the future framework . It will be made as for the most part in Taiwan, but at the quality that we want to offer our brand. And we can say that the theme of quality concerns us the most and we will do be completely in control of this , we know too well the risks if you are looking to produce low-cost and we will work with people who have Taiwan experience , quality and price are two separate things. Now we can count on the assistance and cooperation of a person who has many years of experience and who controls the entire process .

T.I.: What will be the name of your brand and why?
A.M.: It will be called Clean. The reason comes from 2005 during a test of the World Bike BIU in the north of England. My father had noticed that every time I finished without penalty area, controllers said CLEAN instead of zero. Later we thought it would be a good name for a brand of motorcycle or bike trial and as no one has a motorcycle, we chose it because it seems appropriate at that time. This means a lot to us, because the name was created on that particular day.

T.I.: Will you be making 20, 24, 26 inch bikes?

A.M.: We will start with a 20 inch full disc and another with brake pads with all that I want for me, lightweight and well done. This is the same bike that everyone can buy. We offer a la carte mounting components to try to satisfy everyone. There will also be the same version as mine but 970 double disc for young people who are becoming more numerous.

The geometry of the 20-inch will be 1010/350/85

The 26 inch frame is developed at the same time as the 20 “, so I think so, yes. We currently have no plans to make a 24.

T.I.: How is it going with your sponsors? will you have the necessary support of the season?

A.M.: My principal partner will be WildWolf, I am waiting to restart with them, although I must say that I did not search a lot as I have been busy with de development of CLEAN. I can assure you I received some good offers (very good offers) for my brand, but I think I have chosen the right path for my project. I have a lot of help from Jitsie with whom I have an exclusve contract for 2014 for my clothing. I enjoy working with them the clothing is very interesting and I feel good with their team.

T.I.: Will everything be ready for the start of the UCI season?

A.M.: If we are talking about the brand, everything will be ready to arrive starting in April, also the 20″ carbon fork and a standard frame so I can finaly change my bike. As soon as there will be new parts they will be visible on our, which currently still is under construction.

As far as myself , I feel good, much better than last summer, even though my injury to the patella still hinders me, I can not train as hard as I would like, but I’m fine. My level is better than ever but I still have that kneecap that worries me, I have to be careful and take care of myself. I am eager to start the season, even if there is still time before getting on the sections.

A big thans to the team of Trial Inside! See you soon my friends!!

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