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“All or Nothing”, the film of

On January 24th we have presented the teaser of the film « ALL or Nothing » , a great edited presentation before discovering the great video it announces.

Without any doubt we can say that the film is far better than the teaser as it realy gives the opportunity to discover the atmosphere of the filming and the film itself. The film, realised by  Pira Dirtyflows , is of a very hight level and will satisfy all fans of cycling.

On January 9th we have assisted on the avant premiere of the film in Abadia Klandestina, in Esparreguera, and we have been impatient towards this great day where the film « ALL or Nothing » would be released to the public.

The film is only available on , By cliking on the link you will be able to discover 40 minutes of passionate action images.

ALL or Nothing on Pinkbike

To know more we have met Pira.

-         Trial Inside: Good morning Pira, first of all a big thanks for this great movie, what a work of art!

-         Pira Dirtyflows: Tahnk you, you guys are the key to get to the public, every day you give us the strenght to motivate us to promote our small sport.

-         Trial Inside:  How many riders participated and how many sites did you visit to realise this film?

-         Pira Dirtyflows:  I filmed 26 riders in 6 months, In Spain, Francen Germany, Portugal and Switzerland, but the the key have been the support they gave me each day without having fear to make mistakes. Can we do better? Yes of course, but I am confident in my work and put a lot of enthusiasm in it.

-         Trial Inside:  Sometimes people are not aware of the hard work a project like this takes. How much time have you put into the filming and the editing?

-         Pira Dirtyflows: 6 months of my live without making any mony and an auto financing of 100%, if it wasn’t for the satisfaction of a job well done, it could transfer itself in millions of Euros. But reality is that I have to be happy withe the little I have, I am a very lucky person.

-         Trial Inside:  Is there a certain moment, an anecdote that springs to mind when you rethink about the months of filming?

-         Pira Dirtyflows:  Honestly, I will never forget the face of Gerard in front of  Macaskill, his eyes and his heart were full of admiratoin. It is then when I thougth we are on the right way. It is one of the best moments of my life.

-         Trial Inside:  Have you already started on the sequal or are you goingt to start another project?

-         Pira Dirtyflows: Yes, there will be a sequel depending on the financial means, it is becoming more difficult then ever and I even thought about stopping, but I am very impationt to discover and present new things!!

-         Trial Inside: Thank you very much for spending some time with us and good luck with the sequel. And we are hopeing you will find the means to continue with your passion. See you soon.

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