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Andrei Burton dans une pub, et sur un 24 pouces

Andrei Burton nous arrive dans une nouvelle vidéo tournée dans Londres ou il adopte le style du livreur à vélo de Premium Rush.

Un bon moyen de terminer la journée avec un de nos riders les plus spectaculaires. Andrei Burton Premium Rush Style

Check out cutting-edge UK stunt cyclist and Guinness World Record holder Andrei Burton creating some crazy stunts. If you like street bike stunts then this new movie viral video featuring bike stunts is for you. The video is a breathtaking bespoke stunt cycle video set in London filmed with Sony Action Cameras for the release of high speed chase thriller Premium Rush. Watch the stuntman cycle through London, over London Bridge and through London Underground to the Thames.

If you like cycling and fancy yourself as a Guinness World Record holder, then check out this parkour-like action for the DVD and Blu-ray release of Premium Rush.

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