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Antofagasta Trials Days 2013

From February 24 till February 28 the first national meeting outside of the competition will take place in the north of Chili. It is in the 2nd region of the country with a long history of street riding where the riders will meet.

And the fact to be able to ride at the border of the sea in this summer period, and yes it is summer in Chili, allows the riders  to ride trials in more cool temperatures opposed to riding in Santiago du Chili (the town where most of the invited riders are coming from). The meeting will be over 4 days allowing the Chili trials riders to get to know each other a bit more.

According to the organisers it is the atmosphere of the Koxx days in Buthiers they are looking for to chill after the competition season.

The goal is to be able to ride all the spots in the citte and mixing natural sections with some street riding so everybody will find a wide range of obstacle they can ride. The groupes will be guided around the town not to get lost when travelling in the city.

The Brasisian rider Diego Magno unfortunate won’t be able to make it is he has a demo  a few days before the event. Which is a pity for the atmosphere and spectacle.

If you would be going to Chili one of these day, you can contact Manuel Inostroza or Esteban Cárdenas.

Se les espera, un abrazo!

Club Deportivo Biketrial Antofagasta

Esteban Cárdenas and Manuel Inostroza are organiseing the event (both live in the nordern part of the country and are the best 2 pilotes of the country)

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  1. Bonjour

    Je suis un trialiste moto et velo francais de passage au chili .
    je serais present pour les Antofagasta Trials Days 2013.
    Si vous voulez, je peux faire un petit reportage photo et texte pour faire un resume de ce super trial?
    Je ne sais pas comment vous contacter.
    Si vous voyez ce message, envoyez moi votre reponse a :


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