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Benito Ros joins HASHTAGG!!!

Capture d'écran 2015-05-01 17.06.28 Yesterday afternoon, there was a lot of noise coming from Hashtagg for this Friday, May 1st. This morning, after receiving a video that shows a laser engraving on a rim, the answer wasdisplayed on our screen.
The UCI Trials World Champion 2014, the Spanish Benito Ros joined the Hashtagg team. We know the history that binds Dom Hermance and Benito Ros and many titles conquered in the past, so it’s not really a surprise as it became clear that the World Champion will not be riding on the same frame as the last year. Dom Hermance confirmed that Benito would ride on Raijin 20 “To confirm this information

Benito Ros shared on all his Facebook pages this video. Facebook Hashtagg

As well as this picture.
benito ros hashtagg

Welcome. Posted by Hashtagg on vendredi 1 mai 2015


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