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Bike Trials as a lifestyle

Beginning in the Bike Trials, the support of family, friends, training, job, workout, health problems, races and results. The first Czech Bike Trials document that charts the life of Vlastislav Kabelac Cihacek champion of the Czech Republic in 2012 and European Cup, Guinness world record holder and the czech king of cycling in trial.

Bike Trials as a lifestyle ENG from Metan Art on Vimeo.

Author of project:

Aleš Nenička


Aleš Nenička

(Canon 550D + EF-S 18-55mm, Canon 600D + Sigma 30mm)

Equipment camera:


Steadycam Flycam 5000

Slider Konova K3 Smart motition controller


Aleš Nenička


“DZ” by Jahzzar

“Fireworks” by Jahzzar

“Comic” by Jahzzar

“Alive” by Jahzzar

“Empty rooms (small theme)” by _ghost

“Reverie (small theme)” by _ghost (feat. Pitx)

“Yiourgh” by DoKashiteru (feat. Coblat)

“Rescue Me” by l4m (feat. Kaer Trouz)

“gentle marimba” by Alastair Cameron

“December Nights” by cdk (feat. Fourstones)

“Don’t Go (RumbleStep Mix)” by cdk (feat. mykleanthony)

“Our Music – RumbleStep Mix” by cdk (feat. Covert Vs. 4NSIC)

Music is licensed under a Creative Commons license:


Vlasta Kabeláč Čiháček

Lenka Kabeláčová

Dagmar Rašovská

Hana Špačková

Vladimír Kořen

Petr Jeřicha

Martin Šimůnek

Roman Chvojka


Město Říčany




Metan trials

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