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Bike Trials as a lifestyle


Beginning in the Bike Trials, the support of family, friends, training, job, workout, health problems, races and results. The first Czech Bike Trials document that charts the life of Vlastislav Kabelac Cihacek champion of the Czech Republic in 2012 and European Cup, Guinness world record holder and the czech king of cycling in trial. Bike… Read More »

Sebastian closed down today

six sections

Sebastian closed down … Bad news for the Trial, Bad news for the Trial in Germany. Sebastian “I closed down today. It’s my way to protest against the fact, that there were no personal consequences after all the problems and mistakes of the past in Germany like the fiasco from Heubach or the… Read More »

Cross King is sponsoring you!


The company CROSS KING specializing in equipment for riders are expanding their Team in 2014 and offers sponsorship contracts in the following disciplines: MTB DH, Enduro, Trial, BMX Racing, MX and Pitbike. Cross King is looking for riders doing both regional and national competitions. Thank you for sending your resume, Objectives, photos and videos to… Read More »

UCI Press: Merible best event, Janickova, Mustieles, Hermance, Carthy and Seuba challenged the world’s best in 2013


Elite Women: Janickova leads the way After years of domination from Switzerland’s Karin Moor, who retired in 2011 after winning her ninth world title, it appeared the way was clear for Gemma  Abant (World Champion in 2008, 2010 and 2012) to take over the reins. But that was without counting on the presence of the… Read More »