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Cédric Fontenoy talks about Inpulse

Inpulse presented the first pictures of their new bike, the Start,  this week. Trial Inside used the occasion to meet Cédric Fontenoy who designs the bikes for Inpulse that took his brother Aurélien to the podium in the UCI World cups and World Championships in 2012

Trial Inside: What is the balance of 2012 for Inpulse?

Cédric Fontenoy: It has been a good year for Inpulse. We should not forget that we are only in our 3rd year of existance and the evolution of the equipment as well as the technique of the riders is progressing very fast.

Trial Inside: The number one pilot of the brand had an exeptional season resulting in the vice world championship title to Inpulse. A great satisfaction for you who designed the bike of Aurélien.

Cédric Fontenoy: Yes, it’s great! For me it counts double as Aurel is riding very strong on the matrial I am producing. This proves that the machine is running and that we are going to continue to this vibe for some time!

Trial Inside: The Start is now available and we can see a video of Aurélien riding id. What can you tell us of this range?

Cédric Fontenoy: Yes, he was the director for this bike. Although the START is less oriented “Ultra-Race” as teh R20 and R26, these are very performant and evolutionary machines. I think these bikes should not blush and could be used in competitions at a high level. It is a very all round bike with a reasonable price for a bike of European quality!

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Trial Inside: In 2013 there will be a second Elite rider that will be riding on Inpuls, the Hongarian Hegedus Laszlo who has been progressing througout the whole 2012 season. 2013 annnounces to be a good season for the Elite team.

Cédric Fontenoy: Yes, Laszlo signed with Inpulse. He currently rides a R26 and looking at the short videos he has been releasing the last coupel of weeks, promisses he will be in good shape this summer.

Trial Inside: What are the project for this new year?

Cédric Fontenoy: The next generation “R” is under way. The design will be a little les complex, but still with the touch Inpulse Race. The “Key word” on the frames will be a maximum of integration of all the components around the frame. Nothing revolutionary but details creating a bike that is very consistent and easy to maintain. The geometry will be a little different as well, but not major.

And why not also a street 24″ just for Fun! …

Pictures of the Start:

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