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South German championship: Herrmann before Pils

Sunday May 12th the 3 round of the South German championship took place in Sulz am Eck, south-east from Stuttgart. 116 riders were present to ride the sections with a lot of different obstacles. Because of the rain some of the sections had to be modified as they became too difficult. Fortunately the sun appaered as wel for part of the competition.

Hannes Hermann, very well know in the east of Germany and who is ranked number 5 at the UCI ranking, travelled to Sulz am Eck and won with the competition with only 26 penalty points on 8 sections and 3 tours. As he is from another region in Germany he does not score any points for the ranking of the South German championship.

The podium was completed with Raphael Pils (67 p.) and local  rider Heiko Lehmann (71 p.). Amongste others Matthias Mrohs and Jonathan Sandritter (both 74 p.) and David Hoffmann (90 p.) were present as well. Unfortunate, Lucas Krell had to abandon the competition after a crash. Have a good recovery Lucas!

In the Junior category, Dominik Oswald won the competition with only 6 penalty points Nils-Obed Riecker (43 p.) and Andreas Strasser (54 p.) completed the podium.

Infos: Samuel Reibold

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