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Australian Championship: Brewer, Dickey and Jungels are the 2013 champions

On February 23rd the Australian Championship took place at the Stromlo Forest mountain bike complex. Joe Brewer won the title in the 26″ category, Andrew Dickey the 20″ category and Janine Jungfels won the Elite title. Some of the obstacles used in the 2009 UCI Trials World Championship were used for this competition.

Joe Brewer whom finished in 8th place here in 2009 at the World Championships won the title in the top category, Pro 26 with 4 points over Andrew Dickey, Nathan Mummery completes the podium.

In Pro 20, the same riders are on the podium, but it is Andrew Dickey that wins this time an takes the Australian Champion jersey. Brewer takes 2nd place, only 1 point behind Dickey. Mummery is 3rd, 2 points behind Dickey. Last years champion finishes also only in 3rd spot after a gasping race where he looses all his chances on the pallets section.

The Elite category is open to both women and men riding eiter 20″ or 26″. It is Janine Jungfels who wins the title, like last year, as wel as the womens title. Le Hua and Matt Harding get on the podium with her.

The Sport category is won by Kyle Rolands before Tim Mullaly and Peter Thompson.

Only one rider in the category Novice with the young Jack Favelle.

Here are the complete results:


Rank Rider Penalty Points
1 Janine Jungfels 14
2 Le Hua 17
3 Matt Harding 19
4 Mitch Ho 19
5 Borys Zagrocki 23
6 Owen Gwilliam 28
7 Haydon Solomano 43
8 Craig Pearce 60
N/A (Unicycle) Joel Gleeson 61
=9 Reece Toase 75
=9 Matt Platts 75
=9 Chris Martin 75
=9 Joel Davis 75

PRO 26″

Rank Rider Penalty Points
1 Joe Brewer 14
2 Andrew Dickey 18
3 Nathan Mummery 25
4 Lachlan Sens 54
5 Jon Tullerud 72
6 Paul Gerloff 73

PRO 20″

Rank Rider Penalty Points
1 Andrew Dickey 29
2 Joe Brewer 30
3 Nathan Mummery 31
4 Joel Nelson 61
5 Morgan Driessens 63
6 Lachlan Sens 63


Rank Rider Penalty Points
1 Kyle Rolands 8
2 Tim Mullaly 17
3 Peter Thompson 58
4 Jeff Solomano 68


Rank Rider Penalty Points
1 Jack Favelle 5

Photos: Expressibikes et Biketrials New South Wales

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