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World Championship Pietermaritzburg: Who will be on the 26″ Junior and Elite podium?

The finals of the junior and elite 26 inches will conclude the four days of competition at the UCI Trial World Championship 2013. As from the start we invite you to participate in a poll that with the only goal to share the passion for this wonderful sport. So do not hesitate to give your opinion for the podiums Juniors and Elite 26 inches 26 inches.

In the Juniors,the readers of Trial Inside put Jack Carthy as the favorite for the title. After today’s race it appears he will meet  the expectations. The most important thing for him now is to forget the championship last year. But can Rieker and Descloux who finished second and third can keep their place on the podium in Saturday’s final? Careful with two finalists and Allaman and Buchwalder, Switzerland hopes to be on the podiumas well. For the three Germans in the final, Mettenheimer, Trepud and Sandritter things seem a bit more complicated.

What do you think? what is  your 26 inch Junior podium.

Podium Junior 26 pouces

31 August 2013 @ 17 h 55 min

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In Elite 26-inch Trial Inside readers placed Coustellier as the favorite before Hermance. Yet today it is Vincent Hermance who won the qualification! So who will win the title? Maybe Aurelien Fontenoy the outgoing vice world champion will be a nice card to play after the final 20 inches Friday. Beware the multiple world champion, Belgian Kenny Belaey marked the qualification being the only rider to ride a round without any penalty points! Can he surprise us and win the competition on his return? If these four men have the means to win the title or a medal, do not overlook the potential of the other finalists. Kevin Aglae has his best result of the season,  as Rafa Tibau Roura, both have nothing to lose. Andrei Burton involved in the final 20 inches too, will he still have enough energy to fight for the podium? Or Nicolas Vuillermot whom is the final qualifier, a little miracle to get qualified, will he find the power to move up the rankings?

What do you think? what is  your 26 inch elite podium.

Podium Elite 26 pouces

31 August 2013 @ 18 h 55 min

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