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World Championship Pietermaritzburg: Tatiana Janickova wins the world title

Tatiana Janickova wins her first World Title after a fierce battle with Gemma Abant and Janine Jungfells.

It was a fierce battle for the World Championship. After the first round, Gemma Abant was in the lead with 3 penalty points, followed by Tatiana Janickova with 5 points and Romina Fix with 6 penalty points. Janine Jungfells was in 4th spot with 7 penalty points. The top 4 was very close together after the first round.

In the 2nd round it was Gemma was still in the lead with  6 penalty points. Tatiana was still second with 7 points and Janine climbed to the 3rd spot with 9 points. The last round would decide who would the new World Champion. Romina Fix had to abandon the race after the 2nd round. We have no news on what happened but hope she is alright.

In the 3rd round Janine scores a 5 in section 6 and this puts her out of the fight for the title. Suspense for the victory, both Tatiana and Gemma have the same amount of penalty points: 8. It is the number of zeros that decides the championship. Gemma has 11 zeros, Tatiana cleaned 2 sections more and has 13 zeros and wins the World Title.

Congratulations Tatiana!!

Here are the other results:

4th: Kristina Sykorova

5th: Perrine Devahive

6th: Debi Stuber

7th: Andrea Wesp

8th: Marion Porcher

9th: Manami Mizuno


Pictures: Darren Goddard/Cycho Media

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