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European Championship EUC in Bern, what did you think of it?

After the European Championship UEC last weekend in Switzerland, we give you the opportunity to complete the evaluation form for the event, as we did before for the World Cup rounds. This anonymous survery gives everybody the possibility to give his feedback on the event with a goal to detect points that could have done better as well as those that were good.  With as an objective to improve the level of the trials competitions in general. This initiative Suite aux Championnats d’Europe UEC qui se sont déroulés ce week-end en Suisse, nous vous proposons de remplir le formulaire de satisfaction afin d’évaluer le déroulement de cette épreuve dans sa globalité, comme cela vous a été proposé à l’issue des dernières Coupes du Monde. Ce questionnaire de satisfaction anonyme permet à chacun de donner son avis sur le déroulement de l’épreuve suisse, le but étant de détecter les points à améliorer et les points qui ont donné satisfaction, afin de tirer vers le haut le trial dans son ensemble. This initiative is relayed on the websites Tribal Zine and Trial Inside, and the questions have been translated in French, Spanish and German. Thank you for your collaboration.

To complete the survey, click on the form below

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