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Charlotte Coen (I Love Trial Bike For Girls) presents her new pimped Bike

At the World Cup in Walbrzych Charlotte Coen from I Love Trial Bike For Girls rode her Ozonys Curve 24 Hyd for the first time, resulting in a 7th place, where it still had it’s original colors. After the competition the bike got a paintjob to match the team colors of I Love Trial Bike For Girls. Here is the result.

Here is a reaction from Charlotte: “I received the bike just in time for the World Cup in Walbrzych, thanks to my sponsor, but we did not had the time to have it painted. As I currently have my final exams, we used this time to get the bike painted and I am very happy with the result. It is almost to beautifull to ride :)

The brakes installed are from the German company Brake Force One. They use a new brake lever with an incorporated hydrolic booster. The front brake is the Kill Hill version that was tuned by Tune, the rear is custom built by Brake Force One with their lever and Magura cylinders. The brake are very powerfull but do not require much effort. Brake Force One also provided custom made pink brake fluid in transparant hoses to match the color setting of the bike.

Here are the full specs of the bike:

Frame: Ozonys Curve 24 HYD

Fork :BONZ light

Stem :BONZ

Handlebar:Try All Carbon

Brake front :Tune Kill Hill Pink editoin

Brake rear :Brake Force One custom HS33

Crank : Echo SL 170mm


Freewheel :BONZ 18 clicks

Bashring :BONZ 18 clicks CNC

Rim front :BONZ 32mm 28

Rim rear: BONZ 47mm 32 single wall

Hub frontt :BONZ disc 28

Hub rear:BONZ disc 32

Tire Rear: Schwalbe Big Betty

Tire Front: Schwalbe Rocket Ron

Rimtape: Pink

Weight: 8.2kg

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