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Coupe de France Cerny: The Expert final in images

Coupe de France Cerny Podium Expert

At the Coupe de France de Cerny the FFC decided to test the model used at the World cups with a qualification round and a final. Le Trial Club de Cerny did a good job as the sections for the final were a lot more difficult then the once for the qualifications. One of the remarquable points was that the riders had to attack the obstacles as it was very complicated or even impossible to clean the obstacles by putting a foot down to secure the obstacle. A great job by the people that build the sections.

The expert category is not used to ride like that and it was clear that there was a lot of pression on the riders.  The 4 riders with the most experience in the end were on the podium

Here are some pictures of the super finale Expert during the Coupe de France FFC de Cerny.

1/ Loic Dunant

2/ Loic Maisse

3/ Alex Rudeau

4/ Jéremy Descloux

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