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World Cup Anvers: Super Finale 26 in pictures

 Yesterday after the race, it was time to take a little time to breathe before showing you the pictures of the super final 26 inches. As you could have guessed Jack Carthy dominated the last four sections of the season. But at the same time Vincent Hermance has finally tamed the jump in section 2 which cost him not less than 10 points in the final! Kenny Belaey was unhappy crahsing in zone 1 and seeing his chance take 2nd place narrowed. After failing the jump he knew he could do no better than third.

Also a great performance in Antwerp from Nicolas Vallee. The Cadet World Champion entered his first super final of the season, which has not been seen before. And even if the end of the race was physically challenging he can be more than proud of his season. A great smile as it is the sport that wins with him.

Here are some images from this super final 26 inches.

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