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World Cup in Meribel: The photographers thank you

Marco Patrizi, Frank Chastel, Mireia Martin, Ruud Janse et Marc Coen

The World Cup Meribel was a great moment because for the first time a French round was live video on Dailymotion. This did not remove the passion from the photographers who travel throughout the year to provide you with pictures.

In Meribel, Mireia Martin, Ruud Janse, Marc Coen, Marco Patrizi and Frank Chastel were in sections to capture these moments of sport that you love so much.

Before the final we had time to take a little photo, thank you to Celine. We do not forget that Kevin Chastel and Nini were not there e, but imagine the madness of the picture if we all would be together on a competition!

We take this opportunity to congratulate all the riders, officials, organizers, families with whom we share this passion.

Long live the Trial and good luck to all for the world championship.


Everybody his pose !!!

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