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The videos of the amazing Dominik Oswald season

Dominik Oswal win the German, European and World Championship title in Junior 2014. Amazing year for the german rider and for his team Extreme Bike Sports.

At the end of 2014 season Dominik was 12th (12 in 2013)

Dominik OSWALD (Germany) 

Current rank:11
Current points:585
UCI Code:GER19970217
05 Sep 2014World Championships (Jun)1125125CM
01 Jun 2014UCI Trials World Cup #1 – Kraków108080CDM
29 Sep 2013UCI Trials World Cup #5 – Antwerp88080CDM
27 Jul 2014UCI Trials World Cup #2 – Pra-Loup117575CDM
15 Jun 2014European Trials Championships (Jun)17070CC
20 Sep 2014UCI Trials World Cup #4 – Moutier136565CDM
23 Aug 2014UCI Trials World Cup #3 – Méribel136565CDM
09 Jun 2014German National Trial Championships (Jun)12525CN

3 videos, 3 titles. God job Dominik

World Championship

European Championship

German Championship


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