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Dressler Camp 013

Dressler Camp No.7 is knocking on the door. This big trials festival will be held on 2nd-7th July 2013 in Tanvald (CZE). As in the previous years, it is going to be trial, fun and rock ‘n’ roll from the very first day.

DC013 starts on Tuesday 2nd July with a practice day, trials schools and opening party. Wednesday afternoon see bring the popular Retro Trial Contest, which is a great laugh every year. We are looking forward to seeing new retro outfits and bikes. On Wednesday night there will be the premiere of a new trials discipline, PumpTrial (inspired by last year’s pumptrack race), for riders who really know how to ride their bikes.

Thursday features the now-famous 4X-Trial Race which was organized for the first time last year; it was an exciting show, loosely based on motorcycle Speedway and 4X racing formats. See the video: (4X-Trial video:

Friday morning is given over to motorcycle trials and the Openfree Trial Contest run to Openfree trials rules. This will be followed by the Freestyle Trial, Best Trick and new Freestyle Challenger contests for bicycles, motorbikes and unicycles. The Freestyle events brings new exciting tricks every year and are definitely something to look forward to. On Friday night there will be the traditional live rock concert and after party.

Saturday will see Dressler Camp’s main biketrial competition. The comp starts in the morning and will be followed by big finals for top 12-16 riders with a few special rules to make it even more exciting. An even bigger rock concert and the main after party will be held afterwards, so expect Saturday night to be long and loud! On Sunday, after everybody gets up, the DC013 comes to a close with the Eliminator Trial, featuring just one extreme section that gets gradually harder and harder. Only the rider who cleans it will win.

We expect few extraordinary riders to come to Dressler Camp again this year. Ali C and Mark Westlake representing Inspired bicycles already booked their flights and a few more superb riders are expected to be confirmed soon. We’ll keep you updated.

Some of the contests will be broadcasted live on our website.

For all event details take a look to

2012 Highlights video:

We are looking forward to see you coming this year!

Josef Dressler

Dressler Camp Organizer

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