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Inspired Bicycles have announced the release of the Inspired Arcade

Inspired Bicycles have announced the release of the Inspired Arcade, their much-anticipated steel street trials bike! An aggressive and stealthy looking bike that has been in development for almost two years, the Arcade is aimed at street trials riders who want something a little different from their ride.

Made from high quality Cr-moly, the Arcade frame and fork feature double-butted tubing to ensure maximum durability while keeping the weight to a minimum. The Cr-moly steel offers a different feel to aluminium frames and allows much thinner tubing to be used for the same strength benefits, giving a leaner, more refined look.

The geometry of the Arcade has been designed to give a responsive and nimble ride, perfect for the technical and progressive street trials riding that Ali and Sean are known for. With short chainstays and a steep 74.5° head angle the bike has a short wheelbase but a long reach, meaning that you won’t feel cramped at all. The short back end also means that the Arcade is quick on the back wheel, while the steep head angle, combined with the short-offset (30mm) forks, offer great front wheel control.

The Arcade’s rear end has been designed to work perfectly with a 22:15 gear ratio and the dropouts have been kept compact and minimal, maintaining the clean lines of the frame and eliminating the need for a traditional bulky chain tensioner. The unique, custom-made stainless steel chain tugs sit perfectly flush with the frame, keeping things tucked out of the way and maintaining a perfect and reliable chain tension.

Tapered fork legs help keep weight down, while the 15mm through-axle keeps things firmly in place and adds plenty of stiffness while the countersunk design helps to keep things low profile and out of the way.

Inspired have kitted the bike out with a mix of custom-designed Inspired parts and carefully-selected finishing kit from other brands, giving a finishing kit that is more than capable of standing up to the strains of street trials riding. The Inspired parts have all been finished in matt black with gloss black logos, matching the frame nicely and creating a fully integrated look. Many of the other parts have a custom finish to match as well. Inspired 3-piece steel cranks with a superb one-piece CNC-machined bashring and sprocket and a tough external BB provide the drive, while double-wall Inspired Arcade rims with Hope Pro II hubs and Maxxis Holy Roller tyres keep the bike rolling. Braking comes courtesy of Custom Hope Tech 3 Trial-Zone brakes and up front there is a custom Inspired Arcade High-Rise handlebar (9° backsweep and 5° upsweep), Inspired Lock-On grips, a Trialtech Sport stem and a custom-coloured FSA Orbit Equipe headset. The great new Inspired Kevlar Pivotal seat, mounted on an Inspired Pivotal seatpost completes the all-black streety look.

The Inspired Arcade, as well as many of the new Inspired parts that it features, are available from your Inspired dealer ( now!

Visit the Inspired Bicycles website for full technical specification and geometry information.

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