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The week before Easter Kenny Belaey and organised a training camp to prepare for the 2014 World Cup season. Kenny was joined by Belgian Womens riders Charlotte Coen and Perrine Devahive, Belgian riders Wesley Belaey, Iciar Vandenbergh and Thierry Klinkenberg as well as the young Romain Léonard. Also a lot of international riders made the trip to Spain: Spanish riders Abel Mustieles and Rafa Tibau Roura, Dutch rider Rick Koekoek and Jack Carthy, James Bancroft and Ross Clayton from the UK.

Kenny organised 2 jam sessions as well with the local riders: the first at Playa de Cala Del Moraig on April 16 supported by Red Bull. The 2nd Jam is at the Trialpark in Valencia on the 19th of April!

As you can see it is hard work in Spain:

Picture by Fien Lammertyn

Here are a couple of pictures from the 1st 2 days, thanks to Fien Lammertyn from

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