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Benito Ros wins the Castilla y León championship 2013 in Bejar

On May 19 the Castilla y León championship 2013 took place in Béjar (Salamanca). The competition was open at all riders so there were participants from Asturias, Extremadura and Madrid. There were 48 riders in total, amongst them Benito Ros who was very pleased with the organisation of the event: “A ten for the organisation. I can say that the level was better then on a Spanish championship.”

As could be expected, the victory was for Benit Ros. After him there was a fierce battle for 2nd place  between Pablo Bravo and Iván Izquierdo. It was Pablo Bravo whom in the end finished second and who won the regional championship title.

There were a number of VIP’s around the sections as Roberto Coca, the president of the Castilla y León cycling federation, Maria José Calvo, from the Ciclismo de Salamanca, and Raúl Hernández the responsible for sports from the town.

The competition was organised by the club Outzone, of Béjar (Salamanca) in collaboration with Excmo, Ayuntamiento de Béjar, and the delegation of Salamanca.



1 Benito Ros, 7

2 Iván Izquierdo, 28.2

3 Pablo Bravo, 35


1 Javier Fernández, 39

2 José I. Menéndez, 39

3 Serafín Albredo, 42


1 Jesús San Martín, 15

2 Guillermo Faure, 75

3 Jesús Santos, 75


1 Daniel Heras, 32

2 Rubén García, 46

3 Víctor Colorado, 47


1 Rodrigo Baillo, 37

2 Pablo Rodríguez, 39

3 Lucía Gutiérrez, 44


1 Vera Barón, 41

2 Laura Martínez, 47

3 Manuel Almanza, 47


1 Hugo Barrera, 12

2 Jesús Calle, 40

3 Antonio Cañadas, 40


ELITE: Iván Izquierdo

CADETE: Jesús San Martín

Accede aquí a las Clasificaciones completas.

Información y fotos Club Outzone

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