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Cesar Cañas leave the Monty competition team

Cesar Cañas, one of the iconic figures of the Monty brand, announced that he is no longer part of the Monty competiton team! A somewhat surprising announcement after Ot Pi left Monty Here is what Cesar has to say about it.

Cesar Cañas: “This year I will not be the coach / follower of the Monty team as I did in earlier years with Dani Comas and Abel Mustieles. For me it were  fantastic years both on the sportive and personal level. I learned a lot more than I had imagined. We got great results with Dani and Musti. I want to thank Monty for these years of experience I’ve had. “

But Cesar does not leave the Trials world at top level and  will continue in the world of competition with Rafa Tibau Roura. Cesar Cañas “For me it’s a real pleasure to follow Rafa. He is one of my youth riders  that I know ever since he started. I have a very special feeling forhim, just looking at him I know what he thinks. I’m sure we will do great things, like last year. This year we are working even more together, and I think it will pay off in the very hard 26 inches category where there is very strong competition. “

But one of the surprises is to see Cesar become coach Rick Koekoek. Cesar “For me it is a big challenge. For a long time I know Rick and when he asked me to become his coach, I have to admit that it immediately motivated me. Rick has already come three times in Catalonia and we started to work together. He has a great potential and a great desire to learn. We get on well, and from the beginning we started to correct where possible. “

Cesar turns a page in its history that has always been in the world Monty, a new flight to this great champion who brings passion and experience to the sections. It is a real pleasure to see him on the competitions.

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