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Trialtech Sport Lite forks

We have received directly form Trialtech information about their new Trialtech Sport Lite forks, which were released onto the market on Friday.


The Sport Lite forks ( are the new lightweight, competition style forks from Trialtech. Extensively tested by team riders Kenny Belaey, TRA, Vašek Kolář, Flipp, Neil Tunnicliffe and World Cup regular Andrei Burton, they are proven to perform at the highest level. Meticulous design and manufacturing make them one of the best-quality and best-performing forks available, light enough for competition use but durable enough for general trials riding!

The Sport Lite forks, whose design is 100% exclusive to Trialtech, feature a super strong, 7075 aluminium steerer and custom, externally tapered and internally butted fork blades which help to reduce weight and improve overall durability. Compact, forged dropouts also help keep weight to a minimum and complete the refined appearance.

The disc version features a custom, IS disc mount design and extended weld path to help prevent cracking at the top of the mount where it joins the leg. The 4-bolt version features smooth welded mounts which reduce stress build up when compared to traditional welding techniques.

The forks are finished with a super-tough, shot blast, anodised black finish and stylish white Trialtech graphics on the lower leg.

At just 742g for the 26″ (HS33 version) and 662g for the 20″ (HS33 version), the Sport Lite forks are some of the lightest aluminium forks available and in testing have outperformed many other lightweight forks currently on the market. The axle to crown length is 405mm for the 26″ version and 365mm for the 20″ version, both versions feature an axle offset of 30mm for more responsive handling.

These forks are available from your Trialtech dealer ( now!

Technical Specifiaction

-        Lightweight, competition style fork.

-        Custom external tapered and internally butted fork blades reduce weight and improve durability.

-        Super strong, butted 7075 aluminium steerer tube.

-        Compact, CNC machined dropouts look good and help to minimize weight.

-        Custom disc brake mount and extended weld path help to prevent cracking at the top where it joins the leg.

-        4-Bolt mounts (93mm spacing) are smooth welded onto the legs to reduce stress build up and failures found with other forks.

-        Super tough, shot blast, black anodised finish with stylish Trialtech logos on the lower leg.

-        Available in IS disc only or 4-bolt only braking options.

-        Supplied in custom printed, Trialtech box with Trialtech stickers enclosed.

-        Weight: 753g (26″ disc), 742g (26″ 4-bolt) 673g (20″ disc), 662g (20″ 4-bolt) (note: weights include un-cut 200mm steerer).

-        Axle to Crown length: 405mm (26″), 365mm (20″)

-        Axle Offset: 30mm

-        Steerer tube length: 200mm

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