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Trial or Die by ZEBRAWORKZ

There is a new video coming from the crew of creative trials riders from berlin. The video is called “Trial or Die“ and it is not just a normal trials video.

Besides some fine trials action it is full of special effects wich will show you Hannes „The Herrminator“ Herrman in his „emergency mode“ shooting around with his laser eye!

The video is the follow up project to the 2012 Helloween-Trials video with Hannes Herrmann. This time much more professional than last year. It is produced by Marcus Gelhard (Zebraworks) which you know from the Koxx-Days videos.

Zebraworks founder Marcus Gelhard told us about the project: „The project was filmed in only 9 hours within 2 days at the set which was perfect if you realize that we hadn’t any budget and the project was just for fun without professional actors.

“ How much time did you need for the horror part? “The indoor scenes took 5 hours, which was possible due to the good preparation. The Berlin trials rider Stefan Fiedler and I have been in the building days before to take pictures for a story board with all the scenes.”

And after the filming? Was it much work to put in the special effects?„The visual effects as well as the sound effects took the most time. Not everything is perfect, but I learned a lot for upcoming projects.”

So we will se more trials videos from you next year? „That is right. There will be a new project in early 2014. But at the moment I can’t tell you what it will be…”

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