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Trial UCI in Czech Republic with Vlastislav Kabeláč Čiháček

Vlastislav Kabeláč Čiháček was one of the best rider in Czech republic. Intervew and videos with him for the new year.

Trial Inside: What do you think about the Trial in your country?

Vlastislav Kabeláč Čiháček: Trial (UCI) is now growing, after disappearing in the 90´s and most riders ride only Biketrial. Only riders such as Martin Šimůnek or Petr Krauz and some others ride in both sports and try to present it in Czech Republic but after few years they abandon it because there have never been an ideal community for this and no support on behalf of the clubs. In 2007 some elite riders with Roman Chvojka in the lead, started riding Trial again and in 2010 we had the first official Czech Cup. Many elite riders left BIU after merging in the 26´´ and 20´´ categories (only non-elite riders can do this) and moved to UCI Trial, without the representatives of BIU.

Practicing Trial was prohibited and we were not allowed to ride in competitions like the UCI World Cups or the Championships. Trial is under the Czech cycling federation with official status and representation team. Only former riders lead our sport (Roman Chvojka, Martin Šimůnek etc.) which is a good step to improve our situation here. The community is divided and most of the Elite 26″ riders like to practise Trial. BIU is still strong in 20″ and in the kids categories, but we are trying to give riders a chance to ride something different. Problem is that most of them are scared from the competitive environment. But that’s sport. This year we had three Czech Cups, Czech national champs (after 10 years) and two Trial Cups (with different rules). For next year there are plans to increase the rounds of the Czech Cup to five. Trial has independent judges with no real club connections and we are part of events like the XC world cup or the European marathon championship. But we’re tyring to impove our situation and I think Trial has a bright future here.

Trial Inside: The level in UCI elite was very up, what’s your feeling in Austria for the world championship?

Vlastislav Kabeláč Čiháček: I love UCI elite level. Maybe the level can be lowered for more safety, but I don’t see any problems with it. I have problems with my back and with my ankle injury from the Belgium WCUP, so I couldn’t enjoy all the sections in Austria and I hope that in near future me or the other CZ riders will go higher in the rankings. The Trial’s location in Austria (semi) was not ideal, and I prefer when Trial is combined with the other disciplies like in Australia or Canada. The Trial sections were very good and we try to do same in Czech Repiblic. It’s wrong when you separate the Trial from the other disciplines.

 Trial Inside: What does the future of Trial hold in your country?

Vlastislav Kabeláč Čiháček: Massive propagation, balanced position towards the other MTB disciplines, switching clubs to the Czech cycling federation (UCI), increasing riders’ base and in near future organizing UCI events. I think our primary target is the World Cup. We’re trying to focus on crossover events for the biking community and in 2013 we want to present something new.

Some videos

Vlastislav Kabeláč Čiháček a eu les honneurs de la presse Tchèque qui lui a offert le prix King of cycling 2012 pour l’ensemble de sa saison lors de la même céremonie ou le pays a honoré Khulavy le champion olympique de VTT!

Voici la vidéo du championnat national Tchèque

Pour terminer ce petit tour d’horizon voici un petit rassemblement en mode indoor avec les nouveaux modules afin d’être prêt pour 2013. Le Trial c’est aussi ça.

Voici des photos du championnat national 2012

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