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Abel Mustieles ends his collaboration with Monty

The Spanish brand Monty announced on its website that Abel Mustieles will no longer be riding for Monty next season. Abel has confirmed this on his Facebook page.

We will have to wait till the beginning of 2013 to find out what bike Abel, whom won the European Champship and the World Cup in 2012, will be riding.

The announcement of Monty: “Monty and Abel decided to ent the contract they signed by the end of 2013. As a result of this Abel will not ride a Monty bike next season.”

This does not change the collaboration between Monty and AMG bikes.

Abel Mustieles confirms this on his facebook page.

After the publication of the communciation of Monty, I confirm that I will not be part of the Monty team as of December 31st 2012.I will inform you about my future later.

Happy New Year to you all.

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  1. Je trouve que c’est un coup dur pour Monty ! Il était en plus le réprésentant du M5..
    Et d’ailleurs que faut il en conclure, que ce vélo “révolutionnaire” ne l’ai pas tant que ça pour qu’un pilote aille voir ailleurs ?

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