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Giacomo Coustellier after Heubach: The worst race of my life

For his return to the World Cup UCI Trials after months of revalidaton and preparations Coustellier was eager to rejoin the riders at the drivers on World Cup sections. But now, as for all those present Giacomo summarizes the final as follows: This is the worst race of my life …

Here is his summary after the final Heubach.

“This is the worst race of my life! How can they build sections as dangerous and difficult on such a muddy terrain? I took no pleasure! I have been training all winter to get to the  World Cup and don’t try anything, not something I can do. In my opinion, the winner must be the one that takes the risk and try to overcome the obstacle, not the one that ensures the obstacle by putting a foot. Fortunately the rest of the schedule will be quality races and I sincerely hope not to  find myself in such situations again”


Here is the complete comunication (in French):

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