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Giacomo Coustellier returns to the sections on February 8th

Giacomo Coustellier has worked hard to get to his best level again after getting surgery to the his knee. He know takes it one step further, getting back to the section in Toulouse at the Indoor Moto. He will participate with Vincent Hermance.

Here is the officiel press release of Giacomo Coustellier presenting the Giaco Tour 2013

“After having released the official calendar, here is the « Giaco Tour 2013 » !  With a winter program including 4 International Indoor Trials, Giacomo will be present throughout France with Vincent Hermance and supported by Bernard ESTRIPEAU, the organiser of these events.

It is during Zénith of Toulouse on February 8th 2013 the « Giaco TOUR » starts. An indoor International Trial which is an  unrivaled event as it’s the 26th edition, with some of the world best MotoTrials riders such as Toni Bou and Adam Rage participating. At their side and in an festive atmosphere, Giacomo will ride a dual trials against his fellow countryman Vincent Hermance.

« It is great to be able to participate in such events! Since Bernard ESTRIPEAU invited me, I did not hesitate for one moment.  It is thanks to events like this that our sport evolves end the public can discover our discipline. And this competition will allow me to prepare for the big events of the season.»

As for the other thee dates, the concept will be a little different as those event allows for a real competition between Moto Trials and bicycle Trials. Four pilotes of each discipline will enter the competition and the 2 best will fight it our durin a dual at a speed section. A unique concept that each time will create a great spectacle.

« I think it is a great concept. There are so much communalities between these two sports that the meeting of these 2 disciplines will inevitably be great! That is why my objective is simple: have a much fun as possible and ride at my best level. I am also hoping to meet all my fans again.»

so be there on February 8th at 20:30…

* Dates:

» Trial Indoor International TOULOUSE – 08 February2013

» Trial Indoor International BOURGOGNE – Chalon-sur-Saône – 08 March 2013

» Trial Indoor International MONTBÉLIARD – 17 March 2013

» Trial Indoor International ROUEN – 18 May 2013
* details:

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