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Gilles Coustellier will no longer ride with Breath

Hello everybody,
After two years working with them, One 2014 World Champion title in Norway and other victorious races, we have commonly chosen, Breath and I to stop this great adventure.
I will no longer ride next year with Breath.
I really want to thank Breath for their support, their efforts to offer me the best I wanted to do my trainings, to arrive at the competitions with bikes and components of high quality and so, that has allowed me to ride in the best conditions I could imagine. But beyond these important points, I have discovered China with human and marvelous persons, going there, visiting Beijing and its surroundings and discovering their huge culture…
To me, these two previous years will remain my two best years in Trials.
An adventure is ending, but a strong friendship is going to continue. Thanks to Trials : my passion, this partnership has been changed into frienship… Again, I would like to thanks Breath for these two great years with them.
Another new page will open up into my Trials rider carrier.
I will introduce soonly my new partner and new bike to prepare 2016 season the best.
Again thank you very much Breath and its team
See you soon


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