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Gilles Coustellier: Why I stop the race in Heubach

Here is my letter to justify my abandonment at the first UCI World Cup in Heubach, Germany

that took place the 21st of April 2013.

Indeed, after winning the semi finals in the morning, I was ready to ride the finals in the

afternoon in spite of the fact I could hardly imagine what the organizers could compose to

create “real” finals due to the bad climate conditions (rainy, soggy ground,…)

To me this competition was organized without considering the athletes we are, sections were

dangerous and not adapted to the days conditions.

My worst opinion about the finals was the fact that the goal riders was putting volunteer feet

on obstacles and pulling the bike through the doors to validate them or trying the sections and

having the worst score : 5 points.

It wasn’t trials but Climbing! It’s unbelievable to win or lose a race because of that!

I am a Pro Ride and not an amateur!!! I have trained hard the whole winter to be at my best

and I have done that for several years to obtain the best results.

I go on competitions to ride my best and my World Champion (X4), European Champion

(X4) and French Champion (X5) titles are not randomly won!

Moreover less than one hour before the finals departure, the UCI Trial supervisor and some

riders were on section one to discuss about the finals but it was too late and it didn’t change

anything because the organizers were not with us!!!

So I lost one warm up hour for nothing. Moreover it’s not y job to talk about the sections.

My abandonment behaviour it’s heavy of consequences, first of all it will probably be

impossible to me of keeping the n°1 ranking status I had. After, as you must imagine I have

sponsors and I have taken a huge risk with this abandonment, some ones could stop my

contract. Moreover I came to Heubach to win anything ( I lost time, money, motivation,…)

My aim is warning UCI and organizers of races about the importance of doing “real”

competitions as it was done until now. Riders must fairly fight each other to proudly win.

Each rider must show and ride its best and this kind of competition can’t show that.

I am a real athlete and I want to win thanks to my high level and my talent.

I hope my behaviour will have good consequences for the next races and other high level


If Trials riders want to be considered as high as other disciplines athletes, that thing mustn’t

happen again.



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