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Gilles Coustellier: a monstrous desire to win!

He won everything in 2012, he missed out nothing not even a qualifying round. The World Champion 26″ starts the 2013 World Cup season this weekend in Heubach.

He only needs to ride only one day, on Sunday. How does he approaches this round?

Gilles Coustellier shows his determination: “After a long and intense winter, I am going to attack the season as last year motivated,serene and a monstrous desire to win!” Après un hiver long et bien intense, j’attaque ma saison comme l’an dernier motivé, serein avec une envie de gagner monstrueuse!” He is also aware that competition is ready as well with among others the return of his brother Giacomo.

It isn’t an issue for him to run 2 competitons on the same day “I am used to having 2 trainings a day so it does not bother me, on the contrary.”

The complete text of his interview (in French) can be found on his website:

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