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Hashtagg presents its first products

As you know Dom Hermance Hashtagg launched the brand. He who has created and experience the defunct company Koxx, we had announced his desire to return to the scene of trial with innovative products.

Here is what is planned for the catalog Hashtagg early 2014.

Suffice to say that for the moment the products do not seem very innovative. The Koxx line is still present in these early products, the BB30 bottom bracket has the same colors of the pedals shown in the last Koxx Days!  BB30 try all

the 20 and 26 inch frames are available in 2014. As expected Vincent Hermance will be the rider of the brand..

We found the (unofficial) geos of the 2 frames.

HASHTAGG RAIJIN 20 & 26 (about 700€)
crankset HASHTAGG BB30 (about 420€)Wheelbase: 1095mm
Chainstay Length: 380mm
BB Rise: 65mm
Head Angle: 71.5 degreesWheelbase: 995mm
Chainstay Length: 350mm
BB Rise: 90mm
Head Angle: 71.5 degrees

Read the announcement of the creation of Hashtagg “Hashtagg arrives in the Trials world

Here is the official flyer of the presentation of the first three products from Hashtagg.

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