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Hegedűs László, Hungary Champions 20 and 26

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It was the second hungarian championship in Borsodnádasd, Hungary. it’s a small village – there is a beautiful conservationist park ( nature reserve ) here and the most of people love the cycling sport and they have created a trial zone and an xco section. They have created natural trial sections from woods, rocks because it is a nature reserve.

All in all it is a great trial park If you like the natural condition.

Hegedűs László say “I competeted in both elite category 20 and 26 and I won in these one. For the 20 the sections were really slippery and dirty because the rain.. I preferred the riding with 20 inch and I believe I progressed so much with this bike. For the 26 the weather was really sunny and more people watched our competition and it is a great motivation all time. All in all the national championship is a big challenge every year, because I can’t rest between these category – when the end of the 20 I have to start the warm up with 26 because the different between these geometrics is huge. Thanks so much Franky!”

Hungarian Championship – Elite 20: 1. Hegedűs László 2. Majoros János 3. Major Dániel

Hungarian Championship – Elite 26: 1. Hegedűs László 2. Leskó József 3. Horgos Attilla

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