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Jack Carthy European Champion Trials Junior 26″

The British rider Jack Carthy won the European trials title before the French rider Jéremy Descloux and the German rider Jonathan Sandritter.

After a first round with 6 penelaty point, Jack Carthy made the difference in the second round without any penalty point! Jeremy Descloux also rode a great race, allowing him to finish in 2nd spot with 23 penalty points. With 38 penalty points Sandritter completes the podium, thanks to a greater number of sections with no penalty points in favor of the Spanish rider Llongeras!

Gabriel Berge finishes 5th before another French rider Morgan Perez.

The German rider Nils Rieker is the unlucky rider of the final. After a great start with only 2 penalty points, he recevied 10 extra penalty points for having modified his number plate! Impossible for him to continue the race in these conditions. A est le grand malheureux de cette finale. Alors qu’il avait fait un bon départ avec 2 zéro il a eu 10 points de pénalité pour avoir modifier sa plaque avec son numéro! Impossible pour lui de poursuivre sa course dans de bonnes conditions. A sanction which led to a great controversy.

The 4th French rider in this final, Alexy Gay, finished 8th with 49 penalty points.

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