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Jack Carthy ready for the season

Next weekend British prodigy Jack Carthy from Haworth (UK) is going to kick off his UCI World Cup season in Krakow (Pol). Time to have a chat with Jack and see what he’s been up to all winter…

- Jack, how was your winter and what do you think are your biggest improvements?
Jack Carthy: It was really good, I pushed the limits all winter and my biggest improvements are my technical skills, I really worked hard on my precision but also on all power moves, I wanted to be quicker on the bike and I think the result is better than last year.
Some days I had 4 workouts, so I definitely trained enough.

- What did you think of the trainingcamp?
Jack Carthy: The training camp was really good, it’s a good way to get ready for the season in sunny Spain, also great to hang out with friends and make fun.

- How do you like your Crewkerz?
Jack Carthy: The bike is perfect, the frame is incredibly stiff but still light, I  have also changed from a front freewheel setup to a Hope Pro Trials III hub in the rear and I like it a lot.

- Will you ride all World Cups this year and which one are you really looking forward to?
Jack Carthy: Yes I will be at every World Cup and I always look forward to Belgium because I won there last time but also Pra Loup is a round that suits my riding style a lot.

- We heard the rumour you’ll ride on 20, is that true?
Jack Carthy: I was thinking about riding at the 20” category at the Worlds but we will see how everything goes, I have no plans yet but I must say I like training with it.

- Who do you think will be your toughest opponents this year?
Jack Carthy: I think as usual, it will be Gilles, Vincent and Kenny, but you never know who progressed a lot over winter so we’ll see.

- We saw you cleaning some big lines in videos, what are your new hook and sidehop records?

Jack Carthy: Well thank you, I’m happy because I worked hard on my power.
My best hook? I think it’s around 1.86, I don’t really check no more but my side hop is 1.55 good side and 1.44cm bad side.

- Last but not least, what are you expecting from your first World Cup next weekend?

Jack Carthy: I believe the sections will be all build in the city center so that’s good for me, I like that kind of riding and UCI will also take care of a live stream on TV, I really like the way our sport is progressing and of course I hope I will win.


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