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Jan Kočiš THE DAY

Jan Kočiš, the Slovak rider, has been one of the revelations of the 2012 UCI seasans where he finished 7th in the overall ranking. After a good 2011 season, he confirmed his status of a good rider in 2012 with several finals in the World Cup. He missed out the finals in the World Championship because of some minor detials but he will certainly make it to the finals in 2013.

The Slovak is a very technical rider and has a good fighting spirit allowing him to get good results in the 20″ category despite the heavy competition and the dominance of the Spanish riders. He made it 2 times into the final, and finished 4 time in 9th spot just missing out the final.

At the end of this year he sent us a video he made in Slovakia.

Watch and enjoy!

Jan Kočiš UCI Season

Ján KOCIŠ (Slovakia)

Current rank: 7
Current points: 517
UCI Code: SVK19900117
Age: 22
Date Event Rank Result PaR PcR Class
06 Sep 2012 World Championships 9 100 100 CM
28 Jul 2012 UCI Trials World Cup #2 – Val d’Isère 5 95 95 CDM
03 Jun 2012 UCI Trials World Cup #1 – Aalter 8 80 80 CDM
23 Sep 2012 UCI Trials World Cup #5 – Genève 9 75 75 CDM
26 Aug 2012 UCI Trials World Cup #4 – Pra-Loup 9 75 75 CDM
19 Aug 2012 UCI Trials World Cup #3 – Antwerp 9 75 75 CDM
22 Jul 2012 European Trials Championships 13 17 17 CC

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