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Jordy Vedere joins Team TMS

Jordy Vedere, 19 years old and one fo the best young French riders just signed with TMS to join the competition team. After Alex Rudeau TMS is confirming its confidence in young riders. Jordy will rider the TMS EVO4 26 inch.

Team TMS Racing that we have seen in action in the  video indoor of barn is counting on Nicolas Vuillermot, Yann, Loïc Dunant, Jordy Vedere, Leo Nobile, Yann Fernandez and Arnaud Janin to shine on the French and international sections.

Jordy VEDERE (France) 2012

Current rank: 31
Current points: 180
UCI Code: FRA19930604
Age: 19
Date Event Rank Result PaR PcR Class
28 Jul 2012 UCI Trials World Cup #2 – Val d’Isère 15 61 61 CDM
03 Jun 2012 UCI Trials World Cup #1 – Aalter 15 61 61 CDM
23 Sep 2012 UCI Trials World Cup #5 – Genève 25 51 51 CDM
16 Sep 2012 Trial Pro Series #2 – Martigues 6 7 7 C1

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