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Launch of the new web site Crewkerz Store, Christian Gugliotta give us some insight

Yesterday evening when browsing the Trial sites we found a new site Crewkerz Store online. After several days of offline mode it seemed that Crewkerz was preparing to give us a surprise. To learn more we did a flash interview with Christian Gugliotta. Here are his answers, by when it was 1:10 in the morning! When you are pasionate about somethign you don’t sleep :)

- TI: Hello Christian, we discovered that the shop Crewkerz Store ( had a makeover! this should be a heck of a job for you and your team
Christian Gugliotta: Indeed it was a lot of work, especially for Nicolas Manière who worked really hard over the last 15 days on all CSS and HTML codes. He also had to manage my regular requests for changes, t a big thank you Nico! You did a great job, but this is not why I’ll let you beat me at Trophy Master of France! Vlan ..

Then the designer intervened to some corrections of logo … and we received good advice from Nicolas Gilles Laurent and Berard.

I hope the new ergonomics, content, appeal to most of you.

- TI: Att first glance  it looks like the emphasis was placed on the visuals. The image to highlight the products of the brand seems wise?
Christian Gugliotta:  We wanted to address a real lack that was felt that since the launch of Crewkerz, it was very difficult to find information on our products including WAW (Wild And Wired) brand. This is only the beginning, you can expect more surprises in the coming months.
- TI: It is also clear you continue to put forward your dealers. Won’t this new site enter into competition with them? What is it that you propose we do not find elsewhere?
Christian Gugliotta: The site has been designed around the dealers, when you enter your shipping address the shop of your city, state or foreign countrywill be proposed as the shop for delivery and through a real-time stock sync, you’re sure of the availabilityof the products ordered.
This site is therefore not a competitor but an extension of their shop. All our resellers will benefit from clients who come to the Crewkerz Store.
- TI: Are other projects are underway to improve the promotion of Crewkerz on the web?
Christian Gugliotta:After several discussion about this, we can see that facebook and an online store will be more effective if they are supported by a conventional site sharing information ….
Thank you to Trialinside and Franky for this improvised ITW.
We see at first glance that the emphasis was placed on the display. The image to highlight the products of the brand it seems wise?

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