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The 2014 World Championship in Norway

After South Africa in 2013, it is Norway that will host the UCI World Championship MTB and Trials in 2014. A small tour the the North of Europe that will thrill the fans of Trials in that region that don’t have the chance to see the best riders of the world.

It was at the UCI directors comitee in Louisville in the US on February 1st this decision was made.

So we know the organiser for the 2014 UCI World Championship MTB and Trials. Hafjell/Lillehammer is the place to be in 2014. For a while we thought that Val d’Isère who had a magnicicent World Cup MTB and Trials in 2012 and takes a break in 2013 would be the first choice. We will have to wait thought to see another World Championship coming to France again.

On the other hand, Traials will not be part of the Olympics ahd the comitee decided to maintain new disciplines for the 2016 Olympics in Rio, but Trials is not on the list. Here is the text of the official press release: “With regards to the 2016 Olympic Games to be held in Rio de Janeiro (BRA), the Management Committee expressed its support for a proposal to be made to the International Olympic Committee for the addition to the cycling programme of a points race and BMX Freestyle and Mountain Bike Eliminator events for both men and women.”

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