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The director of the UCI comitee takes an illogical decision, what do you think?

The question is simple. You have seen as we did that the UCI world championship MTB and Trial in 2014 will be in Norway, which is excellent news. But in the press release of the director of the UCI comitee anohter decision has been called out, another decision that remains an enigma.

All sports are as important to us, but never the less there has to be some kind of logic in the decision. A new discipline for the pist! They already have a nice program though, the eliminator sprint… which is a disciplin that only has a World Cup and a World Championship since …. 2012. And the freestyle BMX that hasn’t gotten any competitions on the UCI website….

The Olympic dream for Trials might be gone for ever, even if the chance of seeing Trials on the Olympics never was real if we are realistic. But after the the last UCI comitee director you could ask yourself how the federations choose to present  a disciplin to the international olympic comitee.

Be careful it is not we do not like the BMX Freestyle, but it is fair to ask how the International Cycling Union can support a discipline that is not a sport it supports. It is not a discipline that has a world championship or world cup organized by the Union Cycliste Internationale.

Here our question which is part of our lack of understanding due to this “weird” choice. Why don’t Dowhill, cyclo cross or Trials have the rigth to exist at this level! 3 cycling disciplines outside of road cycling they say, 3 disciplines of a very high level. We don’t understand…. We have asked the question directly to the UCI…

What do you think? They make fun of whom?

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